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My dear all,   I’m sorry for the radio silence. You will all have noticed (hopefully!) that the sun has finally come out, the temperatures have gone up, and that means I’m not one for being stuck inside the house all day. Still, I suppose it’s no excuse for not keeping up-to-date with my blog…. […]

Wet Plate Portraits

It has been a little while since my last post and I do apologise. I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! My folks came over to visit us in Cambridge and I think we have seen and done more over the course of 3 days than we would normally in a month. Especially […]

Photoshoot: Jack Cooke

A little while ago I had flung myself back on Model Mayhem, full of zest and inspiration, eager to find some fresh faces to photograph in order to maintain and further develop my photography skills. I soon got in touch with local man Jack Cooke, we met for a meet-up and a coffee and decided […]

Large Format Photography: Day 1 in the UK

As the days grow longer and the weather is progressively getting better, I started on the inventory and checking of my wet plate chemicals. I was keeping my mixed collodion and my silver baths, as well a box with the other chemicals in the shed, mainly because of the fumes that might leak out into […]

Making a Leather Lens Cap

A few weeks ago, I got myself a nice, cheap, big brass lens. Originally, it must have come from a magic lantern projector – however, I betcha I can make it work for me! The lens seemed OK, the focusing pinion was present and working, and the iris smooth and operational with only the glass […]

Making a salt print

When I started diving into the various printing varieties, the salt printing immediately caught my eye. Not only do I adore the slightly romantic feel of salt printing, it’s also fairly safe and affordable to try.   This is what you need – it will seem like a long list, but you’ll find you already […]


After settling in well in our new Cambridge home, I thought it was time to turn my attention back onto my website. Lo and behold – there are technical issues with it! The pages are EXTREMELY slow to load and the guys at Justhost.com don’t really seem to know what’s going on, apart from that […]