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Saturday Update: books and projects

Time for my Saturday update! This week I’ve read ‘ The arrival’ by Shaun Tan, well ‘read’ I should say as this amazing book consists only of images, telling the universal story of immigrants, in this case based upon stories by immigrants and images from Sydney, Australia. It has taken the artist 4 years to […]

What a wonderful (online) world

On this Monday, I find myself behind my shoddy little half-broken laptop updating my blog. I am currently trying to convince my hosting server to open up a database file – so I can attempt to install WordPress properly and start updating my work to date. My website www.yvettebessels.com had been built by myself and […]

Birmingham Fashion Week 2010

Last Saturday the 9th of October was the day Birmingham Fashion Week 2010 took off. It was held at the Oceana nightclub where entertainers, models, MUA’s, stylists and designers had gathered for a full day of performances and catwalk shows. Even though the event ran slightly late the sheer quality of the artists and shows […]