Saturday update: Summer shootin’ !

This has been a good week no doubt for all of us who were lucky enough to take a few days off on the bank holidays to enjoy the great British weather, which, for a nice change, has been great indeed. My better half Sean, however, was not so lucky and had to do yet more overtime. And here I was looking forward to spending some time together ….

I managed to fill my week with some work in Warwick on the Monday, a woodlands themed vintage inspired photoshoot on the Wednesday with the lovely Morgan Lane, accompanied by Sophie Sear and her friend Matt. I met Sophie at the Warwickshire College when hosting a presentation about my work and seeing we have some similar photographic interests, suggested that we do shoot together.

Initially we were supposed to have two models on the shooting day, and as usual, I had put a casting call on Model Mayhem. I asked for a (somewhat)  experienced girl and an (absolute) beginner to make things interesting for all parties involved. We had a few responses, I selected two lovely looking girls and kept my fingers crossed. The first (beginning) girl was located in London and bailed out due to travel cost. To be honest I anticipated as much, I did clearly state the shoot would be TF* and no expenses would be covered – but most girls only see “Free Shoot” and not so much any any terms or conditions attached to it.

Morgan just happened to have gotten in touch with me on the Friday when we were going to ask another girl to take the ‘beginners’ place, which was a sheer stroke of luck. She seemed keen, was great in upkeep of communication (also a luxury amongst models every now and again) and arrived in timely fashion for the shoot. Something which could not be said for the experienced girl who didn’t get in touch for a few days, did not show up, and only sent me a message later in the day saying she wouldn’t come. Gee, really? What a surprise….

But on a positive note, we got all the sunshine we could have asked for on the day, everyone seemed to be getting along very well and Morgan turned out to be a great model even though she is still brand new to this game. She was patient, tried different poses, took direction well and had a great mood and energy throughout the day. Book her if you can, I can only recommend her!

On the Thursday I edited the best images to send to Morgan and developed a couple of rolls of 120 film I shot during that shoot, and last week in Kenilworth near the castle. I still have 3 waiting, so I’d better make sure I get cracking on that in the next few days.

And try as I may have, on the Friday and Saturday I took some time off to myself. I went round every charity hop in town, the tip shop, collected a rental car which I need for tomorrow (pre-wedding venue check and meeting up with the couple) and did a full-blown grocery shopping trip to the Asda at the other side of town.

You smirk? Try hauling your things home in a backpack and various flimsy shoulder bags week after week and then you will understand the true luxury of having a car……or maybe I should just try ordering online a bit more often. Oh well……Bring on next week!


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