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Hello once again after a long time-lapse. Every time I tell myself  I will write more blog posts, somehow, I end up not doing it! I will blame the death of my laptop  (although in all fairness it may just have been hibernating after a nasty virus recovery) that I don’t write as much as I like or should. Well, I shall try and make a re-start of the blog, but this time I will focus more and more on (vintage) photography and the techniques behind it.

I have managed to finally choose a film scanner – and went for the Canoscan 9000f as it also does 120 film. Unfortunately for me, the accompanying Siverfast software won’t run properly and my PC has caught the same nasty infection that nearly put my laptop under. I will set about getting this sorted, so I can post some test results. It is very exciting to finally maybe soonish have the option of scanning my work properly – and taking the pressure off my work in the local college darkroom where I  print my negatives by hand.

Also to come are some images from another wedding in the Netherlands where Emi and Hylco got married on the 10th of June. I will just need to add some finishing touches to them and they will be ready to be sent out. It has been a beautiful (and very well organised) day with many old and new friends, the location was beautiful – almost as stunning as the bride, and despite a few drops, the weather held up at crucial times. A day to remember!

Last Sunday I found myself present in Birmingham at the video shoot of Shanghai Starr’s latest single “Rise”. I’ve shot several performances of this lovely lady and she asked me to join the team for the shoot. Me, having never been to a video shoot, obviously said yes! You can hear the song here in a rehearsal video posted on Facebook. You can find her website here: Images to follow soon!
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