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Hello again my dear unknown friends! All and all this has once again been a busy week but as I said, I will try and update the blog more often, and that does mean as often as I am able to.

I finally managed to order and receive a scanner – the Canoscan 9000f, but straight away ran into difficulty. It didn’t help that my PC was still recovering from a virus/ malware attack (which after hours of frustration is sorted now – thank goodness) so the silverfast software that came in the bundle didn’t recognise my scanner. Then, when that was sorted, I set about making my first scan and it immediately became clear that I need to watch a few tutorials before actually being able to do anything with it. Not exactly a plug-and-play sorta thing, but then again, I was not expecting that either.

Another toy I hope to play with soon is my brand new secondhand Bowens 500W studio light, which came with… nothing! I found a light stand, spare bulbs and fuses – as well as a power cable. All I need now is a soft box, but that can’t prove to be too much of a problem.

I have worked for Linus a few days, on various photographs from the 40’s, 60’s and 70’s before he sped off to a fair in France and I do have to say that not only does it give me great enjoyment to work with these items, it has been infecting me with an even greater enthousiasm for vintage photography. I have been browsing the ol’Ebay for some images I could possibly get to liven up my home and hey presto: I found a couple of nice ones from the USA. Affordable news prints in themselves and with low shipping cost to boot! Now all I need is to find a 3rd one to go with these.

Who knows, I might become a collector some day!

On other activities: I have been working on images from last Sunday’s video shoot for Shanghai Starr at the Purple Lounge in Birmingham.

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You can find the full set on Facebook.

This week I have also been editing my wedding images for Emi and Hylco. They already were nearly finished but I just wanted to check them over to make sure, and to add some of the 120 film images which I have taken during the day. The discs will be burned and sent out tomorrow, just as they are returning from their honeymoon – let’s hope they like them as much as I do!



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