Expo: Fall of the Ford Foundry

In Leamington Spa (yes – where I live) there once was a large un-used and unloved building, previously used by Ford by now abandoned and slowly wasting away. A beauty to behold for sure, but sadly marked for demolition to make space for a supermarket and office spaces – like we didn’t have enough of those already! The demolition works started around December and it looks now, at the start of May, to have fully finished. The grounds have been levelled and the last of the rubble cleared away. Bye-bye Ford Foundry!

In the measly few months it took to demolish the site, I have made a reportage of the various stages it has gone through. Always from outside the gates and at different times of the day, the Ford Foundry was still beautiful in it’s demise.

The resulting images can be seen throughout the month of May 2012 at the Gaia Coop in Leamington Spa, during shop opening times.

I have opted to solely use the Black and White images from TLR camera, shot, developed and handprinted by myself to keep the exhibition consistent (and there was not enough space for all the images I had). The gallery below shows some of the images that are currently up.

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