Sydney Royal National Park


A few days ago, last Sunday to be precise, Sean and I went to the Royal National Park just South of Sydney. I cannot believe we had never done it before as it was so easy to get to! We took a train from Bondi Junction and rode the line all the way to Waterfall, where you are literally 100 meters away from the park entrance. The day started well and cheerful enough. Surely it was warm, but we packed quite a bit of water and some rolls for lunch, we checked out a walking route map at the station and off we went.




After walking for about 2 hours we were hot and bothered as the path provides with little shade, walking in the heat of the afternoon (started at 10) and finally got confused over some silly signpost pointing the opposite way of the direction we thought we needed to go to. Long story short: we turned round and walked the 2 hours back in the blazing heat – legs aching and bodies burning. Hiking fail!! I was never so happy in my life when we reached the train station and flopped down in an air conditioned train holding a cold drink. Now, a few days later there are numerous counts of bush fires all over Australia.


Images taken with a Rolleiflex TLR, using Kodak 100 T-max film + Yellow filter


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