Sydney Blue Mountains

Today another little batch of images I had forgotten about – from a day trip to the Blue Mountains near Sydney. The short while I had been part of the Sydney Analogue Photographer Meetup group had been most fruitful in the sense that I managed to see the things I wanted, photograph them, and be able to share it with at least one other photographer. I say one, for it was only Neil, the organizer of the group, that joined Sean and myself on this venture, the rest all having cancelled last minute. It turned out to be a most beautiful day in the midst of December and having set off early, we made the most of the sights and sounds. First stop being one of the waterfalls, second the near-compulsory view of the 3 sisters followed by lunch and lastly another waterfall followed by a stop at the chocolate shop. 🙂

I for one was very grateful Neil had been able to join us on this venture for it would have been a lot harder for Sean and myself to get to some of these sight by public transportation, but it was also great to see Neil had brought both a medium format camera as well as his larger 4×5 camera.


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