Overly bored in Overijssel

The last few weeks my life have taken a drastic turn for the worst as we had to move back to Europe to settle in with my parents for the time being, the job in Sydney lost and our Visas cancelled. The weather has been horrid and cold, with a occasional blasting of ice and snow and all of us, including my folks (my mom does volunteering work, my dad works in construction) were forced to sit in. Sean managed to get a few interviews, the last of which went pretty well and he was asked to come over the Ubisoft Bluebyte in Dusseldorf, Germany, for the supposedly last phase of testing. We are currently keeping our fingers crossed on that one!

Myself, I had to keep occupied with reading (the ‘Malazan book of the Fallen’ series of Erikson), more reading (photography books, magazines – have found a nice little book with some chemical formulae for developers and such, which I will share within the next few weeks), yet more reading (antique books), shopping (charity shops, the local auction house) and visiting friends. I have bought a gigantic camera, found a lens to go with it and created a funding campaign on Indiegogo.com to get some sponsorship in getting things up and running. Because lets be honest, I could use some help ……. I am ironing out the last details on this campaign, so look out for it within the next couple of days!


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I also managed to find yet more un-posted Medium format images, although I believe these will be the very last one I took in Sydney. They are of Helsa, a model fairly local to Bondi Beach, where we held our shoot on a bright and blazing Sunday morning. A few members of the Sydney Analogue Photographers Meetup Group were in attendance, despite the heat and crowds.


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Behind the scenes:


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