Large format Photography Project: update


It’s been a few weeks since I got my very first Large Format Camera. If you’ve not seen this beast, check the image in the previous post. I don’t just do a Large format – no, I go straight for the unwieldy variety.

In these last few weeks, where it’s been blistering cold and I’m still living with my folks *sigh, I would have hoped to have moved by now* I have not been able to do a great deal on this project. I have, however, been able to build a first prototype replacement plate holder and gather up some second-hand brown bottles. The lens has been tested and *whoopsie!* it turns out it will only be suitable for portraits/ still life shots. It is still fairly amazing to see a pin-sharp image appear upside-down-in-reverse. Oh well, I suppose that’s where I’ll have to get started then.

A few dozen chemical supplier websites have been checked and prices compared….. I am now SO tempted to create my own Silver Nitrate it is unbelievable! The prices are through the roof – at least in Europe! If you are lucky enough to live in the States, you’ll find your supplies a lot cheaper and easier to come by. For me – As soon as I hear back from a local supplier in the Netherlands I’m good to go and place some orders. Needless to say, I will share any solid info when I have it.

I’ve ordered some Rodinal B/W developer which should be due to arrive within the next few days and have already received some Harman Direct Positive Paper from the Ilford site in the UK. Now all I need is to hog a little bit of space to make into a petite darkroom and I can give that a whirl. Forum posts on various alternative photography websites do make me wonder if it will take me 50-100 sheets of paper to get this thing down as well!?


There is still plenty of time to sponsor/ share my Indiegogo Large Format Photography Campaign:


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