Dusseldorf, Germany


Yesterday, after having been in Dusseldorf, Germany for only 3 days, I was treated to an onslaught of a cold that beset me in the middle of the night. Needless to say I was not impressed by this phenomenon so I did whatever I could to cheer myself up between sneezes: go shopping!

I had written down a list of local charity shops all over town, but it being a lovely day – and me sneezing my head off – I decided it might be better if I went for a walk and not endanger folk in traffic or on the metro. Silly me….. it took me about an hour to walk the distance which Google maps had clearly presented to me as being very nearby! I did however, manage to find it (and went past all the Designer sales which are all held this week) and to my shock and amazement there was half a cabinet dedicated to photography! Oh my! Here I am being used to roughly 10 books on the subject – if I’m lucky 😉

I picked the following, and got all these for under €20 (yay!):


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Today, still not fully recovered, I visited the ‘Nordfriedhof’, which is an enormous cemetery in the middle of town, and about 5 minutes walk from our temporary place.


This is our temporary place (please excuse the mess – we are not the tidiest folk)

























The cemetery itself is vast, and, on a hot afternoon such as today – it’s not wise to be without water as you can easily get lost. It was beautiful though and it gave me some great ideas for pictures I would like to take. Once again I’ll have to apologize for the image quality as I took these on my cellphone.


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