Elfia 2013 – Elf Fantasy Fair, Haarzuilens, the Netherlands


A few weeks ago, Sean, our friend Kaya and myself visited the Elf Fantasy Fair (a.k.a. Elfia) at Haarzuilens. This 2,5-day event is held annually on the ground of the beautiful Castle de Haar at Haarzuilens, a tiny village near the city of Utrecht.


I decided to don my best semi steampunk outfit, which is nothing more than my actual everyday garb, but it looks slightly Victorian gentleman-ish. It must be the pocket watch, waistcoat and cufflinks that do the trick. This year, I also brought my Rolleiflex TLR and 3 rolls of film, not including the remainder of the roll still in the camera. Ha! A whole 39 (3 x 12 + 3) images to burn on the day with thousands of people, costumes, scenes and props to photograph! Such an enviable position – well, maybe not according to the many people I have seen with their big, bigger or biggest digital cameras slung over their shoulder.


Apparently most people don’t even know that this Rolleiflex is an actual camera! I did get more than my fair share of stares and comments when wielding it about or changing the film rolls. I did like to occasional ‘now that’s a real camera’ remarks made as folk casually walked past. It did take me longer than usual to develop and scan the images as my scanner only got back into my possession last Sunday night as our household shipment from Australia arrived – but here are the images I’m happy enough with to share:



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