Boxes! Millions and millions of boxes!

The people around me know I have a bit of a quirk. Well, actually it’s one of several – but I just love boxes! My latest venture into wet collodion photography has provided me with a brilliant excuse to go and find/ make some.

A few weeks ago, Dusseldorf hosted a small bookfair along the Rhine. The day we went the weather had turned foul (just after I picked up ‘Fashion: Theory – photographs and Essays by David Bailey, Anthony Barboza, Arthur Elgort, Horst, Erica Lennard, Jimmy Moore, Jean Pagliuso and Chris von Wangenheim’, Edited by Carol Di Grappa, Lustrum Press, 1980). It provides the reader with the photographer’s background and technical information, as well as some stunning fashion images. It is available on Amazon should you be interested in getting it for yourself.




But, as I said, the weather turned foul – into a full-blown storm even, that the moment we decided to flee into the town center, social convention forced us to stay in the book dealer’s tent, holding up a few of the bookshelves amongst those that were tumbling down all around us. After that gale had passed – most of the tents were shut! I had to return the following day to pick up the gorgeous paper I had spotted earlier. I got these from Buch + Papier where bookbinder Annette Engels sells all sorts of papers and ways to present paper materials including frames, albums, calendars etc.


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Seeing I have already shot a few Ambrotypes I wish to keep, I decided to make a storage/ transportation box for them. The first time I hauled my glass plate positives over to Germany, I wrapped them in acid-free white paper sheets, but found that the paper stuck a little to the varnish. Since then, I have made and used these boxes, which makes me feel much more at ease.


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They may not be perfect yet, but they serve their purpose. In this size, the glass plate still fits into the lid, which – covered in a black newspaper clipping – serves well as a presentation method.

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