Onwards – To Cambridge!

This week, I am little bit more excited than would be good for me. You see, we will be moving to Cambridge soon. Very soon! In fact, I’m already packing up our things for we expect to be living there at the end of November!

I’m not saying Germany is / has been horrible to us, but the UK suited us a lot better. And I’m not just talking about having your media readily available to you (up yours Gema!!) or even actually being able to watch it in the original language (dubbing anyone?) It’s the general attitude of the people of the people as well. I won’t mind not having to put up with (middle-aged) folks not being aware of a thing called ‘ personal space’ or the ever-present ‘correctness’ that has to be imposed on everyone. Oh yes, you will be corrected. Profoundly. In the street, when you are minding your own business, preferably by a woman with a small child.

Luckily for us, we have found some cool things around this place as well. A lovely land-lady (thanks for everything Silvia!), the presence of a large Japanese ex-pat community with their own little slice of Japan in the middle of the City, inviting creatives, a buzzing art-scene, a group of enthusiastic photographers and one Fantastic Friend (here’s to you, Georgiana!).

And we will miss them…..


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