Icy conditions and visitors from abroad

You would have to be hibernating not to have noticed the icy conditions outside for the last couple of weeks. Living in the Midlands, we have been spared most of the grief the ice and snow have caused – and as an added bonus, the place looked amazing! On the morning before my parents from the Netherlands were due to arrive for a 5-day stay in Leamington Spa, I nipped out with my trusty camera to capture the marvel of condensed fog frozen on… well… everything!

In that same week my parents and myself travelled from Leamington Spa to London Marylebone, which in itself was fine, were it not for the small fact that it was FREEZING COLD and there were the student protests going on. Us, in our tourist-like innocence and temporary high from being able to successfully negotiate both Harrods and the London Underground system and just sort of wandered towards the general area of protest, every now and again muttering something like “Isn’t that the Big Ben over there? Would those be the Houses of Parliament?” Apart from underlining the fact that I need to brush up on my general knowledge of London it also kindly pointed out that neglecting any form or shape of news possibly wasn’t the smartest thing to do, especially when going to the capital.

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We passed a few policemen standing guard in long lines, apparently functioning like a membrane- we could get through with ease but no way in hell would they let us pass back the same way. The Underground station had been shut so we were forced to walk all the way around with my dad not being as light-footed as he may well have been in his youth, and all of us freezing our socks off. I did manage to get some nice photographs during the day (which rights nearly every possible wrong) and were astounded to find out whilst having a coffee at Marylebone station that fights had broken out during the protests. Things still seemed chilly yet cheerful amongst the crowds we had just seen….

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