Since Tuesday’s blog on Alice Austen didn’t yield other names of photographers, I’ll be forced to select someone else from the list. Today’s an absolutely gorgeous day outside (I hope it’s the same where you live!) so I feel in a good mood and decided to write something about an artistic photography duo whos story made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

My Little Dead Dick is the visual diary of two photographers, Madi Ju from China and Patrick Tsai (Pat Pat) from the USA. They got together on July 17, 2006, when they both traveled to Macau in order to meet face-to-face after a month of intense internet correspondence. After nine days, they went back to their own countries, quit their jobs, settled their accounts, and said good-bye to their friends and loved ones to pursue their dreams of a life spent together taking photos.

Patrick explains: “Madi and I were both big fans of each others work, so when we met in person for the first time, taking photos together just fueled us along and also was the basis of our relationship. The photos we took were not as beautifully composed as our past individual work, but I guess the casualness and intimacy of the pictures spoke to a lot more people who saw our work online.”

At the very beginning of My Little Dead Dick, Patrick used a point and shoot camera sometimes carried a Leica M6 around in his bag. Madi was using a Olympus Mju II which was used to create most of the diary.

The diary ended after one year. Patrick Tsai and Madi Ju continued working and living together until their break-up which happened on the same day as the big earthquake in Western China in the summer of 2008.You can still see the photos on Patrick Tsai’s website.

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