Chemical Recipes

Please treat all following chemical recipes with caution and use your common sense when mixing!


I will not be held responsible for any harm/ loss caused by anyone’s mis-use of these recipes.


Wet Plate Photography: preparing the plate

Wet Plate Photography: exposing, developing, fixing, rinsing

Wet Plate Photography: varnishing and storage

    The following information and recipes are from the volume “fotochemicaliën en recepten” by J.J. Hansma en E. Van Beugen, Focus n.v., Haarlen, 1967 (10th edition) Even though I would recommend this volume to all of us interested in darkroom work, not everyone speaks Dutch – and even though I am sure many great books will be available in English, I have found that many of them will provide the reader with plenty of darkroom tips and trips, but not the actual recipes to mix up their chemicals. Anal as I am in regards to providing order to information, I will aim to gather more recipes in this section as they will become available to me. Please feel free to comment or e-mail me any of your own recipes!  

Sheet film developer (tray development)

  Para-developer according to the Rodinal recipe Glycine-concentrated potash developer Metol-hydroquinone-borax developer metol-hydroquinone-normal-potash developer for sensitometry metol-hydroquinone-kodalodeveloper DK50