It’s been a few weeks since my last post and plenty has happened in the meanwhile. I already mentioned in my last post that we found ourselves a house in East York of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and we’re setteling in nicely. The neighbours are all very friendly and we’ve been donated plenty of super useful things.

The hardest part so far has been unpacking; all of our stuff had been re-packed by the moving company so we don’t know which box holds what. Apart from that, we got rid of almost all of our furniture in the UK, so we’ve been on more than one hunt to find replacements. And there was a ton of paperwork to do: for our house lease, energy bills, health care applications, changing over my drivers licence, applications to mailing systems, re-energising my Etsy shop…..and the compulsory hiccups. TV and Internet being fickle. Not being able to find anything. A washing machine flood in the basement and blocked water pipes for 12 hours. Our banking cards not having Visa. Our visa card having a stupid low limit. Transit lines being interrupted. Being caught out in the seasonal downpours. The heat. The humidity!

The best part has been all the space we have to put things in. I’m especially loving the garage and I’m finally getting round to more than one DIY project. We’ve already repaired our antique fan, I’m currently still stripping our media unit (which turned out to be a very nice English Walnut) and refurbing an old pidgeonhole cabinet to go into my office space. There are still a pair of rusty folding chairs, a camera with studio stand, a black chipboard cabinet and a white kitchen cabinet to attend to. The latter two were free curbside finds and will be part of my darkroom outfit.

I’ve also gotten round to ordering my wetplate chemicals from two Canadian sources. Initially I thought getting this stuff in Canada would be very difficult and truth be told, the pricing of some of the ingredients (silver nitrate- $95 for 50 grams – GULP! Lucky I brought some with me!) would make me think twice if I wasn’t into wetplating already.

Now I still need a decent enlarger and to set up my scanner somewhere to process all of that film I shot in previous months. And then there is still more film to develop! So much work to be done!


Summer, downtown Toronto

Summer, downtown Toronto

It had to be done

It had to be done

Horrid black paint - stripping

Stripping paint

Mid-century look

Mid-century look with a brand new sofa, antique fan and curb-find box

The office, still barren

The office, still barren


Cambridge ahoy!

We’ve just returned from our little trip to the States (images to follow in an upcoming blog) and we’re stiff suffering a bit from the jetlag. On the bright side, everything has been packed, Sky services requested, a sofa ordered and delivery planned as well as a bed and mattress, and paperwork arranged for collection of the key as our move to Cambridge is just around the corner.

Sean will be flying today and – after having seen to our stuff being hauled away – I’ll be flying on Thursday. We’ll not have any internet for a while so I’ll cya on the other side!

Cambridge – A new Home

Last Sunday we returned from a short yet fruitful trip to the UK. Sean will start his new job in Cambridge soon, so we had to look for a place to live. We have moved around in the UK a few times and this will be our second time emigrating from the Netherlands to the UK within 5 years time. We booked in a number of viewings in advance, travelled down and started viewing places.

Cambridge, like London, is not a cheap place to live. The city itself is not that large even though there are a number of smaller (and cheaper) villages around which would be perfectly fine to settle down IF we had a car but more importantly, IF Sean had a license to drive it. Our first couple of viewings were so-so, until we passed a lovely quirky place with a TO LET sign pasted on the outside. We rang, and booked for a viewing the same day.

It turned out to be a lovely little apartment (officially 1 bed, so a little smaller than we hoped for), with its access on a cemetary. Yes, you read that correct – it has to be all my gothy dreams come true at once!  Granted, I may not be able to do any wet-plating, but I’m sure I can figure out something in our teeny-tiny little courtyard, or otherwise maybe stick to film for a little while.

Below some pictures of the house. Pretty much all you can see is not ours, as we are way round the back, but it’s still part of this Grade 2 listed building. Also a view from about 5 steps from the front door, and one from the living room window. I am soooo looking forward to this move!

First up though, we have a trip to New York & Atlantic City booked, and we’re leaving tomorrow. There’s a long list of things we want to see and do, I’m just hoping we can even get halfway. Must-do’s will include an NBA game, video game store(s), Vintage shops, a Fleamarket or two, the statue of liberty, the MoMa, The Guggenheim, 2 or 3 photo galleries and a trip up a tall building (empire state, Chrystler, Rockefeller centre), the Atlantic City Boardwalk, a Casino visit…..any additions of must-sees or do’s? Let me know!!!


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