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Large Format Photography – Day 18 in the Netherlands

On the Thursday I decided I would try and photograph the little pond we were shooting at yesterday, but this time I would want to photograph the location, using that cheap projector lens and the recessed lens board. I had cut a hole in a jar lid, and taped it to the back of the lens to serve as a F-stop. I guestimated the size of the hole to be roughly a f11-16 hole to see what it would do – and something it indeed did!

I set up and shot 2 plates, one at 3 seconds and the second one at 6 seconds. The 6 second exposure clearly being too long – the 3 second one looking pretty good. But then….. disaster struck!!!!



A swoosh of wind picked up my darkbox and threw it right over! My silver bath emptied into the tent, along with the developer dripoffs that came from the first 2 plates. I was only fortunate that I didn’t use all my silver bath in the one go – and that nearly all the fluids were caught in the plastic that makes up my tent. I cursed, then panicked, then set to mopping up what I could salvage and drying off the rest.



After setting up the darkbox again – this time between the car doors sheltered as best I could from the wind – the resulting plate was an abomination. The grey flecks (like film grain) and severe fog make it hard to see what is being pictured. The surface texture looks like sand mixed with scum. The scene is still the pond, at 3 seconds. That was it. My silverbath needs desperate servicing and I was stuck for the rest of the afternoon with clouds and  rain. I packed up and retuned home…..

I did some additional work on the new darkbox and after today I don’t think I’ll make it quite a high or as slender as the previous one. I’ll try not to have an opening that needs opening and closing and I’m contemplating such a low one as to use it with a small seat or kneeled.







Photographer: William Henry Jackson

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Sunday Video: John Chiara’s giant pinhole camera

I think by now you got the idea about the video tutorials by Prophotolife – head over to his profile on Youtube to see his other videos. This week I’d like to share a man’s work with his giant pinhole camera. Amazing stuff!

Photographer: Karl Blossfeldt

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Photographer: Bellocq

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Photographer: Ansel Adams

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Photographer: Irving Penn

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