Brilliant photography online

Anyone that uses a computer and the internet these days will undoubtedly know about the vast quantity of images to be found online. Today, whilst I am trying to repair my laptop from a particularly nasty malware infection, I decided to revisit the photography sites I have bookmarked on my PC. My main goal is to find some inspiration on how to improve on my own site but when I was actually looking through the sites, I decided some of them are too good NOT to share.  So here goes:

I was glad to see that my some-day picks of the online community did not disappoint. The first page that opened is a fantastic collection by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre which displays architectural ruin, abandoned Read more

Saturday update: Gallery 150, wedding fayre at Twycross Zoo

This week has been a little more relaxed and to be honest, I always find myself slightly flustered as to what to do with myself and my time after having made a tight deadline.

I’ve been working towards my exhibiting at the Twycross zoo wedding fayre on February 2011 – Come and find me if you are attending -It will be my first time exhibiting at a fayre so I am well excited about this day!

I’ve read ‘AUTO-FOCUS; The self-portrait in Contemporary Photography’ By Susan Bright, 2010. It has been a good and useful read as it has given me some fresh ideas for projects in the future, as well as a photography art project collaboration to be made with fellow photographer and awesome geeky girl Christeeny who also led me on to this funny link: Should I work for free? (It’s funny because it’s true)
A little less good and useful about this book has been the ‘ bullshit alarm’ that has been going off in my head at several occasions when reading it. Even though it is perfectly understandable and even desirable for anyone to create a deeper sense of meaning to an image, for me I still find it slightly annoying when someone is digging too hard of deep. For instance: Taking a snapshot of a flower and someone else placing my feeling for my parents, fear of death or love of reading in that image. Understandable – but I call shenanigans! Maybe this annoyance is a mere residue of my time spent at Art College where lazy students made up any story to cover the fact that they hadn’t done any actual work and got a high grade handed to them on a silver platter.

I’ve also been reading ‘ The Creative Darkroom Handbook’ by Chris Wrainwright FRPS, 1993 which proved to be useful when engaging in conversation or searches for outdated film and paper for my Medium Format project with my Microflex TLR. I’ve managed to shoot 3 films with that so far, shooting hand held without a light meter and my guesstimations are still a little off at times. Still, the results have been encouraging. Images to follow soon. In my online quest for information I also stumbled upon the Analog Photography Users group which currently boasts over 47.000 members worldwide. They discuss every format from 35, 120, large format, pinhole – you name it, they’ve got it!

Today, I will be handing over 2 pieces of art at the Gallery 150 for the upcoming ‘Renewal 2′ exhibition. At least one piece per artist will be on display but obviously I’m hoping both of mine will be allowed up. Who knows? If you want to check out my work and that of other Warwickshire based artists, head over to Gallery 150 from the 15th of February onwards. Entry is free.

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