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Tarot: Death and the Emperor

With 2017 declared as the ‘year of photography’, I decided to challenge myself and start a new project. It would give my work some much-needed focus and perhaps even give myself an excuse to actually do some work! The theme I landed on was ‘Tarot’ – I could not tell you how I thought of […]

2017 – Year of Photography

I hope everyone has had wonderful holidays and is enjoying the winter weather when it’s not too cold. Our holidays were quiet, as they are every year and like every year, I start wondering about my life and all the various things I could do to enrich it. So. This year is photography year. There. […]

Belated Holiday Film Scans

We’re now almost 2 months into living in new Canadian place and things are falling into place. The house is done and decorated, as far is was humanly possible and we now have that typical ‘1 box of stuff that has not found its place yet’. Lucky for us, we have a lot of space […]


It’s been a few weeks since my last post and plenty has happened in the meanwhile. I already mentioned in my last post that we found ourselves a house in East York of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and we’re setteling in nicely. The neighbours are all very friendly and we’ve been donated plenty of […]

Moving abroad

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve kept busy in the last few months, because we’ve sure been at it! Over the winter months, we’ve been selling off / packing up the house in Cambridge, UK to go into storage as we prepared to go live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany for a little while, in anticipation […]

RPS day to Wicken Fen

At the start of 2015, I gave myself a membership to the RPS. I wanted to find out if joining such a big and venerable organisation would give me a much-needed push to further my photography skills. In short, the answer was no. Over the whole of last year, I ashamedly admit that I only […]


My apologies for the site having been down for the last week. I moved hosting servers and with my limited knowledge on wordpress sites it took me quite long to get things back up again! Everything should e working as normal, if you run into any glitches, just let me know 🙂 I will add […]

Kyokushin! Osu!

On the weekend of the 11th of July, my husband Sean (I still have to get used to that!) had a 1-day karate seminar with his sensei Brett. They asked me to shoot some images during the day and even to bring my wet-plating things for a few images. We set off early and headed […]

Our Wedding Day

On Friday the 1st of May 2015 Sean and I got married. After all that had happened, we decided to push on, not in the least because my mother had urged us to keep the date before she passed away. After a bit of an organising flurry – My Ebay sourced dress hadn’t been altered […]