Etsy pop-up at the Babylon gallery in Ely

Earlier this month our Etsy Cambridge team had another pop-up event on the calendar: a mixed shop at the Babylon Gallery in Ely on the 4th and 5th of July. The Sunday would coincide with Ely’s aquafest, and we were all looking forward to enjoying some sunshine on the river and cheering on the brave souls on their home made rafts.

We’ve had 23 of our sellers come together and over the space of 2 days (not accounting for the days and days of preparation – folding those boats did not happen overnight!) we built ourselves a beautiful shop in this luscious white space. The Saturday proved to be a fine and warm day, but unfortunately we did have plenty of summer showers on the Sunday. We did not even get to see many of the boats, it was just way too busy in the shop to leave! Thank goodness we had put up our own drinks stand….!

At the end of the event, the visitor counter hit 4275. After taking a guesstimate amount off for our own team members going in and out, the estimated visitor number lies around 2000. Not bad indeed, although I have to admit that Sasha’s gorgeous flyer design might have had something to do with this!



Thursday: Placing of furniture, putting up origami decorations


Thursday: putting out stock along the edges of the room


Friday: setting up centrally


This ladder is for sale too!


Mixed seller display: Okko Skincare, DeLaUz, Sasha DeWitt studios, Anomaly Park, 1000crows (me!), Maureen Mace


One of my photographic prints, which will become available in my newly set up shop Storey’s Silver Studios –


Mixed seller display: 1000crows (me!), Storeys Silver Studios (me again!), Louise Webber, Laura Evans, Claireabellemakes, Weaversfield


The plinths available at the gallery were really useful


Anomaly Park


We actually had space at the till this time!



Our little drinks stand <3



Some of our ‘spare’ origami boats found their way outside



Sasha DeWitt’s beautiful flyer design




Photography gear on Etsy

As we slowly mosey on into deeper darker winter, I have started my spring cleaning early. With all of my Etsy shenanigans going on, and two new pop-up / markets events in the pipeline, I decided to clear out some of my photographic gear. Even though we moved into a bigger property, it still seems space is at a premium as I struggle to find a place for everything.

I had already noticed the mildew forming on some of my newer equipment and I was saddened to see that even my older bits and bobs were not spared this faith. Some of the camera covers, some of the antistatic cloths and even a cloth hairband all were infected and in need of a good clean or throwing out. Thank goodness none of the lenses were affected but it did provide me with an excellent excuse to pull everything out and get rid of thing I no longer need / have never used / I don’t know what they are for!

So keep your eyes peeled on my Etsy shop as I will be listing these goodies in the next few weeks to come!