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Photoshoot: Jack Cooke

A little while ago I had flung myself back on Model Mayhem, full of zest and inspiration, eager to find some fresh faces to photograph in order to maintain and further develop my photography skills. I soon got in touch with local man Jack Cooke, we met for a meet-up and a coffee and decided on a first test shoot – a digital one. Anyone following this blog would now notice this is a slightly odd choice, but I had my reasons!

Not only would going digital on this occasion allow me to get a good feel of Jack’s capabilities, it would also allow for both of us to see how well we would work together without wasting a lot of time, money and film. We would not have to deal with the off chance of the film not coming out well and, most important, I wanted Jack to have a wide selection of shots to choose for his portfolio.

Apart from all those (dare I say; good reasons) it allowed me to dust off the digital camera and take it out for some fresh air! If all would go well on the day, we agreed to do another session in which we will use film and wet plate only. I did take the Rolleiflex TLR with me with 1 sneaky roll of 400 ISO. With regards to my previous post on planning shoots: I did not know what Jack would be wearing before meeting him at his house, I had not seen his bike or the pub where we would start shooting. We agreed on a quiet road, but again, I had not seen it prior to the shoot.

Thank goodness all went well! Not only is Jack a funny and likeable fellow, he is eager to learn and worked hard throughout the session. Some images at the start of the session did not work so well due to an ill-fitting blazer but later images of the day will have to count amongst my favourites to date. Not planning a shoot seems to be working well for me when going digital and even though it might cause small fits of stress on the days beforehand – I quite enjoy working like this.


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Dusseldorf: NRW-Forum – Azzedine Alaia

Today Georgiana and myself hauled ourselves over to the NRW-Forum, to see the Azzedine Alaia fashion exhibit. We were supposed to go yesterday, on my birthday, but life got in the way (actually, the cleaning lady that doesn’t have the key to Georgiana’s apartment) The exhibit is great, fairly big and spacious, but after having been round we just wanted MOOOORE!!! The entry price is fair, at 5,80 euro and it will take you roughly 1 hour to see everything, and see much of the catwalk video footage on the first floor. The little bookshop next to the entrance is also not to miss as they have a great selection of fashion and photography books, in a mixture of German and English text formats.

Many of the items on show date from between 2003 – present and all pieces seem quite wearable. Some of the dresses up close seemed to be made from extremely cheap material, that were worked and detailed in the most exquisite ways. It was amazing to behold. The detailing and craftsmanship are second to none and one could gawk at any piece for a good few moments before discovering all the minute clever tailoring solutions to give the garment it’s shape, without losing the cleanliness of the lines.

Even though having been told off for taking photo’s, I couldn’t help myself……When I die, please bury me in that stunning sleek purple dress!


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Birmingham Fashion Week 2010

Last Saturday the 9th of October was the day Birmingham Fashion Week 2010 took off. It was held at the Oceana nightclub where entertainers, models, MUA’s, stylists and designers had gathered for a full day of performances and catwalk shows. Even though the event ran slightly late the sheer quality of the artists and shows more than made up for it.

I have to apologise for not being able to put every designer name to the garments, or to artists’  faces for that matter. If you do recognise yourself, or your creation, drop me a line and I’ll make sure it gets tagged properly!

Images taken by Yvette Bessels, copyrights belong to A.V. Phantom Ent., the organisers of Birmingham Fashion week 2010 . If you need any images in print or digital please contact Ashleigh at