My first blog post – thank you Wayne!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my first Blog-post. I’m kinda new to this WordPress malarkey – Wayne Hudson at – kindly pointed me to this site – and I’ll try to keep things short and sweet.

As this site will come to replace my current flash-based website ( I will have a lot of archive making/ image posting/ updating to do and will make sure to get round to it at some point in the not-to-far-near-future.

At this point in time I’m busy as usual with my 101+ projects: reading books, catching up on some antiques knowledge, helping the amazing Wayne Hudson with his photography space (when he’ll let me tag along), planning and shooting model/ author portraits and creating illustrations and general artworks. Planning to redecorate the living room (read: adding shelves – too much clutter is driving me insane) but in general trying to have a good time whilst doing all of the above 🙂

Speak soon!