is it…. finished?

And so we were almost 1 month on since the last time of writing. In the meanwhile I’ve been working on these pages, editing and resizing images, thinking of backgrounds, headers, pricelists and what not. But, I think I am finally done! Please have a look around and tell me what you think – did I miss anything, did I put too little/ much into on these pages – your thoughts please!

Since the last time of writing I have done a shoot with Philip Brown (a.k.a. Wyken Seagrave, a Coventry based author;  find his works on, and on ) and Francoise, the love in his life.

We went to Baddesley Clinton, a property in the care of the National Trust, where we enjoyed the sights, pumpkin soup lunch and the fact it didn’t actually rain whilst we were taking photographs outside.

I also managed to keep walking into charity shops, which without fails sees me coming home with yet another useful object. This time round I found this little chest of drawers, with an usual side-lock on it. Mind you, it is in need of some TLC and I don’t think it is particularly old judging from the drawers pulls, but it would be nice to find out a little bit more about it before I start stripping the varnish. For some reason, it just keeps reminding me of something you would see in a biology classroom in the 50’s or 60’s, or in any school to do with farming and the tropics. Any suggestions?