Saturday update – on the Monday!

Hi everyone, my apologies for being so flakey with my posts lately. I’ve had a lot going on even though that should not be an excuse. I have been working a few more days for Linus Carr, my local art dealer in Warwick and helping him preparing photographs to take to last Sundays’ London Photographic Fair. On the day of the fair, we had to leave Leamington around 6.30 AM, to be in London around 7.45, only to find that the organisers were still preparing the hall, including laying cables and painting the sectioning walls! It was a good thing they managed to be quick and we could start setting up at 8.00AM, only to just about finish hanging images on the wall by 10.00 when the doors opened to the general public. But what a great fair this is! Between the 40 odd dealers that set up their stands, there is truly something to be found for everyone. From 1 pound bargain bin stereoscopic images to 10.000 pound + masterpieces. This fair is hosted 4 times a year, so if you do find yourself near it someday, I can highly recommend going in.

On other news, Sean had finally finished his massive amounts of overtime a few weeks ago and is starting to wind down a little. We are now looking forward to the release of Dirt 3 on the 24th of May 2011, which will be the first triple A title on the market that he worked on from the near start of the project. A proud moment for all of us! *sniffle* The first reviews have come in and it is looking good with 9/10’s from the official Xbox 360 and Playstation magazines. I think I will have to go a little hunt this week to buy a few of these magazines so Sean can have some ‘momento’s’ of this time.



Brilliant photography online

Anyone that uses a computer and the internet these days will undoubtedly know about the vast quantity of images to be found online. Today, whilst I am trying to repair my laptop from a particularly nasty malware infection, I decided to revisit the photography sites I have bookmarked on my PC. My main goal is to find some inspiration on how to improve on my own site but when I was actually looking through the sites, I decided some of them are too good NOT to share.  So here goes:

I was glad to see that my some-day picks of the online community did not disappoint. The first page that opened is a fantastic collection by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre which displays architectural ruin, abandoned Read more