And so we enter 2012….

Hi everyone – and a very happy 2012! To my shame I must admit I have been absent-minded and after for the x-teenth time re-instating a new theme to the site I sort of threw in the towel and decidedly spent time without a glaring screen in my face. Today, when logging back in, I was welcomed by over 500 comments (err… thanks?) and a few hundred e-mails that my server had failed to forward to me. Nice!

A quick reply to a few of the messages and comments would be only right I suppose, I have not taken time to go through all of them – and let’s face it, most of them will be link-spammers trying to get someone else’s site higher up the Google ranks – but there were some good ones. Like an e-mail from Sir John Smiley, who loved my choice of images with the Cecil Beaton article. The first image, of a girl in a big, showy dress, is actually his mum! I think I feel a little starstruck – (and slightly jealous – so looks AMAZING!!) haha!

Another asked how I get my information. Simple – I know no more of any given person than the next person, but I take a little time to read my information online or in books, digest it, and take out all the rubbish I won’t need or remember. I pour it into the same-ish mould as I do my other articles to give it some structure and then for the hard part: choosing the images, which is a purely personal preference. It will by no means be a perfect or complete picture of a given artist or photographer, and I won’t rule out that on occasion there will be flaws in the text. But it will give a bit of an insight in who they are and where they came from, how they did what they were best known for – and perhaps that will show me, or you, how to do what we can become known for.

And finally: will I get back to my resolution to start posting more articles? Yes! I should and I will! I shall make it a point to make a post once a week, mostly concerning photographers but if you have any suggestions or requests on a particular person, let me know!

On a personal note I have been shooting some more kid’s shoots and 3 of my images won the kids some prize money. I am experimenting in the darkroom, latest fad is Farmer’s Reducer. I have now used it only once and already I start feeling a full-fledged addiction coming on. Oops! My work with Linus is going well, our latest project was the collection of a few hundred glass negatives, scanning and printing of the images. Interesting stuff!



So all the remains to be said: ………….. Let 2012 Commence!!!


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