On the 25th of September we arrived in Sydney, Sean started working on the 28th and the house hunt was fully on. We looked at on average 5 apartments on each Saturday, and at least another 5 during the week. Each application got handed in in timely fashion, with a huge stack of paperwork – and it seemed to make no difference as we got turned down time after time. The Australian rental market seemed a bit of a mystery to us as there do not seem to be any clear rules on how to get yourself a place apart from entering into the grand lottery and wish for the best!

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Luckily, with about a week to go (and panic setting in!) we managed to find ourselves a place near Bondi Beach. Yes, you read that correct. BONDI BEACH! The place is not as big and bright as we would have hoped for maybe, but then again, that might not have been a realistic expectation in this area on our budget. The apartment we are renting is in Gould Street, in a period building with high ceilings and plaster ornamentation, as well as a steep rusty staircase out the back which takes you to the shared laundry room.


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The place is near enough fully furnished, with thanks to the Sydney auctions houses where we got most of our new stuff from. All 3 I have been so far were lovely and big, with varied goods and regular sales. We have also been going to the Rozelle market which was lovely and Bohemian, the market in Bondi, which was not great we have to admit, the farmers market in Bondi, which was not too big but lovely stuff being on sale it makes it well worth the trip and Paddy’s markets, both the one in and outside of Sydney city center. Both Paddy’s markets are huge and remind us a lot of the markets in Hong Kong with fruit and veg going cheap, as well as the china imported toys which might break when you look at them and all the other compulsory tourist tat.

At this point, late November I have started buying stuffs and selling on Ebay again. This time I have also opened an Etsy Shop, for stuff which IS for sale, but I do not care if I don’t part with it for another good while 🙂 You can find me on both and under the name ‘theforgottendiaries’

I am also in the process of re-vamping the site. Be on the lookout for removals, additions and more blog posts!