Merry Christmas everyone!

A very Merry belated Christmas – I hope everyone had a great time and is currently enjoying boxing day! Our Christmas received mixed results:


Christmas at Bondi Beach as advertised



ACTUAL Christmas at Bondi Beach as of 25 December 2012, around 12.00 – the beach was just being cleared due to the heavy thunderstorm hovering over our heads and we just had time for a couple of quick snaps.

We had been outside for 5 minutes and were drenched to the bone

Christmas day at Bondi Beach


Luckily, there was much merriment to be had in Bronte


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Happy days everyone!


Image by Yvette Bessels 2012

Image by Yvette Bessels 2012


Lucy Q at Uncle Mings, Sydney

A few weeks ago, when both Sean and myself were brand-spanking new to Sydney, I organized a photo shoot with the gorgeous Lucy Q at Uncle Ming’s on York Street in Sydney.

From all the shoots I had organized in the past, this seems to have been the one with the least hassle. We agreed on the concept of the shoot within 2-3 messages (30’s Shanghai). The guys from Uncle Ming’s were straight on board and flexible about shooting times. The make-up Artist Renee jumped on board this project right on time and found some space in her busy day to help us out. Everyone got to Lucy’s house without trouble and spot on time – and apart from some lapses in time-keeping after that (leaving the house at Lucy late and getting stuck in traffic – and the shoot at Uncle Ming’s taking a little longer than planned) it all went well.

After the shoot I was forced to wait for several weeks until our household goods from the UK would arrive as they contained my development kit and scanner, and last Friday they finally arrived! The results on film were varied, but as it was my first time shooting film in such dark conditions, to such a specific look that we were going for I don’t think I have a right to complain.

There was also a significant difference between the digital and film images taken on the day




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