Large format Photography Project: update


It’s been a few weeks since I got my very first Large Format Camera. If you’ve not seen this beast, check the image in the previous post. I don’t just do a Large format – no, I go straight for the unwieldy variety.

In these last few weeks, where it’s been blistering cold and I’m still living with my folks *sigh, I would have hoped to have moved by now* I have not been able to do a great deal on this project. I have, however, been able to build a first prototype replacement plate holder and gather up some second-hand brown bottles. The lens has been tested and *whoopsie!* it turns out it will only be suitable for portraits/ still life shots. It is still fairly amazing to see a pin-sharp image appear upside-down-in-reverse. Oh well, I suppose that’s where I’ll have to get started then.

A few dozen chemical supplier websites have been checked and prices compared….. I am now SO tempted to create my own Silver Nitrate it is unbelievable! The prices are through the roof – at least in Europe! If you are lucky enough to live in the States, you’ll find your supplies a lot cheaper and easier to come by. For me – As soon as I hear back from a local supplier in the Netherlands I’m good to go and place some orders. Needless to say, I will share any solid info when I have it.

I’ve ordered some Rodinal B/W developer which should be due to arrive within the next few days and have already received some Harman Direct Positive Paper from the Ilford site in the UK. Now all I need is to hog a little bit of space to make into a petite darkroom and I can give that a whirl. Forum posts on various alternative photography websites do make me wonder if it will take me 50-100 sheets of paper to get this thing down as well!?


There is still plenty of time to sponsor/ share my Indiegogo Large Format Photography Campaign:


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Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

As followers of this blog may know, I recently bought a BIG camera and my fingers are positively ITCHING to get started with it. The ideas buzzing in my mind are abound but I can only allow them to take focus when I can actually shape them into something real. Today I’ve done something like I never have before – I’ve posted a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. It has never been in my nature to ask anyone else for money and it feels a little bit weird to put myself out there in front of strangers and come out with the words: I could use some help, financially.  But I could, otherwise this project could take a while – and I’m talking years, not months.

You can find the campaign here:

If you’d like to sponsor me, it would be greatly appreciated! Spread the word!!!!

rodenstock lens

In similar news, my lens arrived two days ago and I’m happy to say it actually looks as advertised. The only thing missing now are a flange and a fitting lens board and we are good to start our first experiments. I managed to find a couple of books regarding photographic chemistry and will type in/ translate those recipes within the next 2-3 days – and you will be able to find all of them online in one place, either here or on

I have always been a little bit obsessed with order, boxes, lists etc so having all this kind of information in one place, without all the babble around it really appeals to me personally.






Overly bored in Overijssel

The last few weeks my life have taken a drastic turn for the worst as we had to move back to Europe to settle in with my parents for the time being, the job in Sydney lost and our Visas cancelled. The weather has been horrid and cold, with a occasional blasting of ice and snow and all of us, including my folks (my mom does volunteering work, my dad works in construction) were forced to sit in. Sean managed to get a few interviews, the last of which went pretty well and he was asked to come over the Ubisoft Bluebyte in Dusseldorf, Germany, for the supposedly last phase of testing. We are currently keeping our fingers crossed on that one!

Myself, I had to keep occupied with reading (the ‘Malazan book of the Fallen’ series of Erikson), more reading (photography books, magazines – have found a nice little book with some chemical formulae for developers and such, which I will share within the next few weeks), yet more reading (antique books), shopping (charity shops, the local auction house) and visiting friends. I have bought a gigantic camera, found a lens to go with it and created a funding campaign on to get some sponsorship in getting things up and running. Because lets be honest, I could use some help ……. I am ironing out the last details on this campaign, so look out for it within the next couple of days!


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I also managed to find yet more un-posted Medium format images, although I believe these will be the very last one I took in Sydney. They are of Helsa, a model fairly local to Bondi Beach, where we held our shoot on a bright and blazing Sunday morning. A few members of the Sydney Analogue Photographers Meetup Group were in attendance, despite the heat and crowds.


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Behind the scenes:


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