After settling in well in our new Cambridge home, I thought it was time to turn my attention back onto my website. Lo and behold – there are technical issues with it! The pages are EXTREMELY slow to load and the guys at don’t really seem to know what’s going on, apart from that *I* need to fix it. *sigh*

Regardless, I’ve managed to update the resources page to include a few tips, tricks and DIY overviews I have blogged about over the last number of months, so they’ll all sit together happily in one place. I will add the building instructions of my second darkbox, as well as some wetplating troubleshooting information. Since the weather isn’t exactly suitable for me to go out at the moment and we don’t have the space to set up inside, I’m using this time to prepare for the next season. A car has been found and purchased, so I will be able to get out and about.

In the meanwhile I’ll have to stick to using my Rolleiflex TLR – Woe is me – and get to shooting again. The cemetery is lovely in the morning with the striking beams of the low sun, but I’m just holding out for that little bit of frost to start creeping over the grounds.

Regardless of the subject matter, I wonder if they’ll turn out as depressing as some of the images I shot last year. We had just come back from our failed adventure in Australia, to land in the snow covered Netherlands. My folks were kind enough to take us in for a few months, which can’t have been easy for them. I know it wasn’t easy for us. Not only to having admit defeat, but losing your independence (even if only temporarily) without being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We didn’t know what would happen next – where we would live or work – and it was so grey, and so cold…… was as if nature itself was mourning for us.

Coincidentally, Sean found work in Germany just as Spring set in, and we were on our way again.


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Happy (belated) 2014!

Hi Everyone, and very happy belated New Years Wishes. My apologies for the radio silence over the holiday season, but I’m sure you had better things to do than be online…. wait…… you didn’t? Oh well! Still – sorry about that.

Halloween Xmas tree

This year’s Halloween Xmas tree
Can you spot Jack and Sally?


I’ve started the year off slowly, as the short days and cold wet weather seep into my system, making me want to curl up and do nothing but sleep. But, as Sean needs to get up for work every morning, I think it is only fair that I do as well – so I get up and keep myself busy with house -, paper – and photographic work.

Art and Photography dealer Linus Carr – who always has the most amazing photographic material for sale, none of which unfortunately I am able to share with you online – has taken me back on board and I’ve been scanning and editing glass plates for him this week. I worked for Linus before leaving for Australia and -boy- did I miss it! There is nothing like a box of antique images to get your inspirational juices flowing!

Speaking of which, today I’d like to share a few of my favorite images which are in my personal collection so far. Some of them are only mass produced Keystone stereoscopic images – so have a look round if you want them for yourself as they go for a mere $5 – $15 (£3 – £10) each. Other good, and a recent additions, are my three theater promotional prints (from the Hudson Theater according to the seller), of which one is signed by Bruno of Hollywood a.k.a. Bruno Bernard and a full-sized Tintype in good condition.

Do you have a photo collection, and if so, what’s your favorite piece?

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