Autumn updates

As the weather steadily grows colder and the days shorter, I have entered my winter stop for this year. I know some people may find it silly that I am willing to burn but not freeze – but I’ll remind those people of the accompanying increase of wind and rain within the season. My next wet plates will either be next spring, or if we our shed / garage in the next house will be big enough – in there. In the meanwhile I’ll have to keep myself entertained by developing a new smaller darkbox, a contact printing table/ frame and making some salt prints, as well as focusing on my Etsy shop, photography product development for said shop and organizing our first ever Christmas pop-up shop in the center of Cambridge! Expect location and date announcements in the next week or two! 😀



Which bring me to the next bit of news: we are moving house….again. We’re due to leave our sweet little apartment at the Cambridge cemetery at the end of November. At the time of writing, we applied for another apartment within the same area which is a bit bigger and hopefully more suited to our current needs. It will still not allow for pets though, which is a massive pain as we’re wanting a dog for a long time now, but it’ll have an additional bedroom, a separate kitchen, a bigger garden and a massive shed. Fingers crossed our application will be checked and approved within this week 🙂

And finally, Sean and I are engaged! After having been together for well over 13 years already, it still feels a little odd to know that we’ll actually be married at some point! We have not settled on the who’s and what’s, we have no date or location in mind as of yet but I’m sure that will come after having moved house.

Exciting times!




Wet Plate Photoshoot: Lara Alice

Straight after the shoot with Alp on a Tuesday, I would photograph Lara Alice on the Wednesday. She also knows all of the guys (Wil especially) and has a healthy interest in photography. I showed her the process and some of the plates that I did with the guys and we set to work. The BBC had predicted a foul day with nothing but rain, but we didn’t see any of that.

Our first plate did not come out well. It had the same dark spot as Alp’s test plate the day prior and the lighting did not favour her features, although the timing was good. I recalled a story told by one of my fellow wet-platers that he knew a beautiful girl that would not photograph well on plate, and sincerely hoped that would not be the case here. We made some changes with regards to the pose and location, which made a world of difference!

What I really loved about this shoot was not just Lara (although she was rather lovely) but having to think on your feet, and the fact that she looks so different in the various images. The images were taken on a no-brand 1/2 plate camera with a Dallmeyer lens, mostly on f5.6 between 8-12 seconds.



test plate on glass


second plate on glass, the pose is much better but the technical side is not



third plate on metal


Fourth plate on Glass. Darn those too-dark-darkboxes!


Gotta love a flower crown!


My favourite plate of this shoot. The actual plate has a lot less contrast than this. Shot on glass




Wet Plate Photoshoot: Alp

Alp was introduced to me through Calvin and later it turned out he is also friends with Wil and Varun. We would take out shoot in the afternoon and lucky for us, the weather was as beautiful as an October day could be, albeit a bit chilly.

The only plate that would not come out well from this session was our test plate, due to the pose being a bit ‘common’ and the plate had no real sparkle. Some small little tweaks and the second plate was a great improvement, but then he spotted the swords! Neither of us had anticipated him going bare-chested – it being quite nippy and all – but he went there! The portrait we took at a shady spot in the cemetery and I completely adore it – the pose, the light, the crispness…. all of it! Then, Alp kindly agreed to let me have a go at photographing his fangs and even though it did not fully work as intended, it was good practice. The last plate of the day however, steals the show in it’s sheer over-the-top-ness; I shall have to find a nice spot in my house to hang this one 😉

The images were taken on a wooden no-brand 1/2 plate camera using a Dallmeyer lens, mostly on f5.6 at around 8 seconds.


143 small

test plate


142 small

plate 2, a little more vintage thug-ish

141 small

Time to bring out the props!

152 small

Possibly my favourite portrait to date

150 small

we tried to get the fangs in by using an apple

147 small

And one more go with the sword. I still believe it’s missing the maidens and mullet 😉