Winter Updates

So after completely ignoring my blog for a near 2 months and NOT telling you the dates or locations for the Etsy shop – I think you may well have guessed that I’ve been kept very busy. I have been working my days at the Antique Attic, we’ve organised and put together 2 pop-up shops in the center of Cambridge (for which I had been appointed the role of treasurer, causing me a few nights of headaches after the events, trying to work out what to pay to whom), I’ve had a visitor from the Netherlands (good to cya again Kaya!), Etsy sales have been up, we’ve moved house and, already knowing that my mum is quite ill, I’ve gone over to the Netherlands to pay my family a visit. So that’s where I am now.

Here’s a few images of our pop-up shop. I have been a lazy bugger (well, not really but I did not take any decent photos due to manning the till) so I’ve used a few that were shared on our Facebook group by Sofia Salazar, one of our sellers.

pop-up 1

image by Sofia Salazar

pop-up 2

image by Sofia Salazar

pop-up 3

image by Sofia Salazar

pop-up 4

image by Sofia Salazar


The exciting news on the photography front is that I have sold my first salt-print (yay!) and I’ll be giving my second ever talk on wet-plate photography at the Milton Photographic Club on January the 21st, 2015. I sold a few postcards with my wet-plate work on both pop-up weekends and I will be looking into doing more digital and hand-printing of images, as well as looking into additional alternative photographic processes such as Cyanotyping, Van Dyke Brown, Pinhole photography and image toning.


salt print

My fist salt print that sold on Etsy. I am SO proud 🙂