Saturday update – Darkroom printing

This week has been busy and fun. I contacted the local College to ask about some darkroom courses they would have going in both January and April and to see if a space could be rented on a day/ evening bases.

I came to talking with Lionel Moogin and we worked out a brilliant scheme where I can make use of their darkroom and in exchange I will help one (or some) of their students with their final projects. It sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to get stuck in! I’m looking around for batches of Black and White paper (if you’d like to donate any old darkroom paper you have lying around – send me a message :)) and a decent medium format film camera.

I’ve been painting again and got a better idea of where to take some of these works. Taking some of the recent advise I’ve gotten into account, I should work on some consistency within my portfolio. Let see if that works!

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