Saturday update: TLR & shoots

Good ol’  saturday! This week I’ve been rather busy and I still have not managed to get everything done I wanted. I found a brilliant Microflex TLR camera at the Warwick Antiques Centre, cosmetically in good condition, the glass is clean and scratch-free and the winding-mechanism (this model’s Achilles heel) seems perfectly purring. It even came with it’s original box, manual and a couple of filters, all for only 95 pounds! There was just one but – so it turned when I had already taken it home. The aperture wheel wouldn’t move any lower than 11, moving freely between f11 and f22. Oh dear…. I took it back to John (the gentleman that sold it to me – I would recommend going to the store if only to have a chat with him. You can find the store at 22-24 High Street in Warwick, UK) to show him the fault he had overlooked.

The camera seemed a little fickle then as well, for when John turned the wheels, everything worked fine. Then I held it again and it froze up! In the end, we worked out that if he could find me someone to repair the fault (for under 60 preferably) I’d gladly have the work done. After all, just try and find a decent vintage camera in perfect condition that won’t need at least basic servicing. If he wouldn’t be able to do so, he offered to give me a full refund. Deal! That’s the nice thing about this place, the people are still of the old-fashioned honest kind. He called me today to tell me that he managed to track down a man in North Shields (of all places!! I used to live there not so long ago!) who repairs old camera’s for his camera club. I’ll send off the camera in the upcoming week and hope the doctor has a cure…..

On other news: I’ve been gathering and cleaning/ painting some frames for my upcoming exposition at the Gaia Coop in Leamington Spa. I’ve spent a lot of my time on painting and drawing and in general getting my work ready to put on the walls before the 1st of February. On the Thursday I’ve spent my first evening in years in the darkroom again and even though I think it’s great to get back into it, I had simply forgotten how long it takes to get even one print done. This will prove to be a lot more fun when I get to move on to large format printing – I am very much looking forward to seeing my first 6×6 negative appear on paper.

I was supposed to attend a Dr Sketchy in Birmingham today with my friend stylist Melysa Fay but for some mysterious reason there was none! Good thing we still enjoyed the Flea Market at the Custard Factory earlier in the day – it’s held every Saturday if you are around – and a light spot of high street shopping. We are planning a couple of shoots together again so watch these Saturday updates for more news regarding that.

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