Saturday update: Paintings and darkroom

This last week I have done little else but paint, photograph and prepare for my upcoming exhibition at The Gaia Coop in Leamington Spa. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, I will be showing a new series titled ‘Fashion Victims’ (for want of a better name) which will be put up on the 1st of February 2011 and runs throughout the entire month. The opening event will be held on Saturday late afternoon from 16.00 – 18.00 and there will be coffee, tea and cheesecake. Everyone is invited to this free event, so if you happen to be around 7 Regent Place in Leamington Spa, drop by!

I’ve sent off my Microflex TLR to North Shields to have it fixed and hopefully I’ll get it back somewhere next week so I can start using it. In the meanwhile, I have dug up my old Praktica Super TL2 SLR, complete with a set of lenses and accessories, which had been gathering dust underneath the bed for nearly a decade. After all, I was in desperate need of some new images to print in the Darkroom! I have shot and developed an Ilford 125 BW film, shot it indoors ( I know it’s not ideally made for that) and developed it using the gear my Mum has sent over last week. Thanks mum! The results were…..ok. It did give me some ideas for future projects however, so when I’ve got anything good, I’ll make sure to show you.

This week, I’ve also signed myself up for an artist showcase -‘ Renewal 2’ – in Gallery 150 in Leamington Spa, where they will be displaying pieces from members (and some of non-members) of the Leamington Studio Artists (LSA). I will be entering two pieces for this, now all I have to do is keep my fingers crossed both will be selected to go into the show.

Both works will be for sale as well, so if you fancy owning an original by yours truly, head over to the Gallery 150 between the 14th and the 28th of February.

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