Saturday Update: Darkroom, Books and Noted blog

This has been a fairly quiet week since all my ‘ happening’ things ended last week. I went to the wedding fayre at the Twycross zoo last Sunday and met some great people there – please see my links page for some of the awesome wedding services on offer in the region. I have met a lovely couple at that fayre as well and I’ll be shooting their wedding in June at the zoo. How brilliant and original is that?

Sean collected my paintings from Gallery 150 and I myself collected them from Gaia. I hope to sign up for another exhibit there soon – but maybe next time I’ll show photographs.

I’ve been back in the darkroom this week and if all is well I can play a little catchup in the next week. I’m printing some smaller versions of my images so that I’ll be able to post them online as well as make nice BIG prints. I’ve ordered extra packs of Ilford Ilfospeed RC Deluxe, Grade 2 paper in a 20 x 24 inch size x 50 sheets so I should be set for some time to come. The paper is somewhat older but still works fine and has beautiful rich dark tones and slightly warm whites. Just as I like it! Should you be interested, the guy I bought it from still has a couple of packs in stock on Ebay.

I’m reading the following book at the moment: ‘Art: What is it good for?’ from the Debating matters series, published by the Institute of Ideas. Some of the contributors of the essays feel very very clever, only using big words and as many of them in a single sentence as possible. However, the content of the book still provides plenty of food for thought, exploring changing cultures and thoughts surrounding art. Is art for art’s sake good enough, should the government subsidise artists or will this just impose restrictions upon the freedom of thought included in the works? A recommended read for someone interested to explore some different philosophies and views in the art world today.

I’m also going through a much lighter read in the form of Paul Johson’s ‘Creators; from Chaucer to Walt Disney’ which tell the reader all about the lives of some of history’s great minds. Notably, the introduction to this book is the best part, with fast-paced wits and snippets of information one just never knew. The other chapters are a little bit dull – It feels like I’m reading a study book.

Lastly, I’m working my way through the ‘Master Printing Course’ By Tim Rudman, which, no doubt, will comes in handy when I’m working in the darkroom! As far I can tell, it’s clear presentation will be very helpful for someone like myself, who has hardly had any technical photographic schooling. A brilliant document for any darkroom printer!

Just two days ago, I stumbled upon a rather useful blog by Edward Winkleman, who had gathered articles for artists wanting to find gallery representation. For your consideration, I’ll repeat the links here (they open in a new window within his blog):

  1. Selling solo vs. working with a gallery
  2. Tailoring your resume for an art dealer
  3. Studio visit strategies
  4. Getting your foot in the door
  5. Mistakes to avoid in finding the gallery right for you (the one-size-fits-all myth)
  6. My very best advice for approaching a gallery
  7. The logic behind the 50/50 split
  8. Communicating with your dealer
  9. Dealing with over-protective dealers
  10. Notes on ending a gallery-artist relationship

Edward works as an art dealer in New York, so maybe not all the tips or links he shares will be applicable to the specific UK market but most of it is clear advise. Note also the comments that readers of his blog have left and the discussions that have ensued from it. These will often hold more information that the original post itself and can give you some help or guidance when you are doing you research into galleries and representation.

Well, that’s it for this week – in the next week I hope to do some more research, sign up for a local art fair (I’ve never been to one so that should be fun), create more photographs with my Microflex TLR, organise one (or more) shoots, create prints of various sizes, attend the ‘Focus on Imaging’ fair at the Birmingham NEC, attend an auction, attend a workshop on website traffic, book flights to and from the Netherlands…. and maybe finally vacuum the living room!

Right now, both Sean and myself will be having drinks with Andy and Cairine, who will be moving to Leamington Spa shortly. Fun times!


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