Saturday update: Art Project, Focus on Imaging and a Business workshop

Well, I had a lot of things on my ‘ to do’ list before the week started and I think I got nearly every item done, apart from booking plane tickets and vacuuming the living room! If anything, the living room is actually in even more of a state since I started preparations for the Cov: Art fair, spring edition which is to be held at the Canal Basin on the 27th of March. I’ll be selling pin-up postcards, framed prints and drawings and hand printed Black and White photographs. Come and find me if you are attending!

On the research department I had sooo much planned but things ground down to a near halt. This Monday I did some of my research from a LSA mailing I received on Sunday and on it was a call for British Women Artists. Normally these things can set my teeth on edge – they always reek of false feminism. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for female empowerment as long as that means equal burdens, equal pay. On this site however, I found this image by Claudia Borgna.

I didn’t realise how beautiful plastic could be when given the right surroundings and treatment and it has actually inspired me in my current project which I share with my colleague and friend Christeeny. In this project, we explore our thoughts and feelings on being a young female photographer and all the challenges it brings with it. Each of us in turn creates an image for which we get 1 week’s time, and the other will create an image in direct response to any element of the image, but keeping within the theme. We are currently in week 3 and shall put the entire project online as it develops – we just need to decide on an appropriate place.

On the right my image: “the Final Stop”

Torn images, broken books, a broken lamp and discarded film are thrown into a pile of rubbish. Is this what my future will hold? No-one will be able to tell me if my studies will amount to anything, if anyone will remember my images, if any of them will be able to stand the test of times. All I can do is work, pray and hope and just try my very best. But in the end, when life is past, will I have done enough? Or will it only be fit for the trash? The viewer hovers over the scene, a reference to ghosts and the end of life and career.

I can tell you now that those bags cluttered up my bedroom (where the image was taken) even worse than all my other stuff in the living room!

In this week I have also managed to take some images with my Microflex and have in the process  succumbed to the lure of cheap 120 film. In the search for specs on how to develop Shanghai GP3 Pan 100 film, I found the DigitalTruth Photo site. Amongst others, they have a long development table for all kinds of film and developer, as well as darkroom supplies, articles, technical info and study information. My film however, remains undeveloped as of yet.

The Focus on Imaging fair at the Birmingham NEC was very useful as I was looking to see what the market has to offer on printers for wedding albums, photographer organisations and matting/ framing. If I had a bigger and better filled wallet I would have gone mental on the Wednesday, but I opted to attend the Tuesday instead. I gathered up a huge pile of brochures, leaflets and a couple of magazines – enough to keep me reading for days.

On the Wednesday I had a workshop in Coventry held by the good people from Business Link on websites, social networking and traffic flow. I thought I had this thing figured out but it seems I still have a lot of work ahead of me! As a direct consequence of this workshop, I’ll be shifting some more pages around to see if I can get this structure thing down, finally.


In the upcoming week I’ll be drawing on old book pages, constructing paper eyes and making postcards. I’ll be making prints in the darkroom, developing film (will it actually happen this week?), cleaning up the house and trying to finish a couple of library books. I should be doing more research behind my PC, but as a past sufferer from RSI, I still gets cramps and stings in my hands and arms every now and again, which makes long times behind the PC very uncomfortable. Lets just see how we get on, I can’t wait to get started!


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