Saturday update: Nothing new….?

For today’s update I have… nothing new to tell you guys! I’m in the final phases of preparing for tomorrow’s Art Fair at the Canal Basin in Coventry – I’ve just some pricing and wrapping to do and I’ll be all set to go. I’ve applied for another art fair in June in Solihull, so who knows, they might let me come to theirs as well.

I’m doing a bit of research on studio lighting, wedding fairs, photography jobs in the region and things like that. Nothing that I intended to do beforehand, but it seems things like that just suddenly pop up. Seems like research to art funding has been pushed another week back, which will give me an opportunity to speak to Maria Rankin about it as well. I was hoping to see her this week and it was close – but no cigar!

I went to a business course day on the Tuesday, where I was recommended ‘Hootsuite’ to manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts all at once. I have been using it for a few days now and even though it’s not perfect (it’s not able to access every feature of the social network) it seems a great tool to use the various platforms a little more often.

My art project had to take a back seat as I haven’t seen Christeeny’s image yet! I know she’s been massively busy shooting gigs in London and had some PC trouble, so I’ll be kind to her and give her some extra time to get it sorted.

So many things did not get sorted this week, that I’m afraid next week will be massively busy! I’m planning portrait shoots, research and ofcourse more blog posts! I’ll need to create an art image based on Christeeny’s image, clear the living room (the mess is getting to me), find some more fairs to attend, donate blood, discuss art funding and do every household chore in the book. Seems exciting? You bet it is!


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