Saturday update: Coventry Art Fair and RSI

Hello again on this delightful Saturday.

Last Sunday I attended the Cov: Art Fair Spring edition 2011. Getting up early after the clock went a hour forward was hard, getting there by bus a bit of a struggle, carrying all my things with me uncomfortable and the cold in the morning quite unpleasant – but once I was there, all the people were lovely and the sun even came out around three o’ clock. I got quite a bit of interest in the portrait drawings, some even thinking they were just prints and in my photographs. I even sold a few things! Which is nice – seeing it wasn’t very busy at least I managed to cover the costs for the day.

I had a photoshoot with Sam Kapral at the Warwick University grounds, which was especially nice when the sun came out. We had a couple of slight set-backs: the location we chose turned out to be less than perfect for our sci-fi concept and the make-up artist we asked to join us was unfortunately not able to make it – but altogether I think we managed quite well with the make-up, considering we applied it standing in front of the toilet mirrors at the University.

I had also shot some frames on my TLR camera and the developed images look promising. I’ll be looking forward to printing them in the upcoming week.

On the bad news front, my right arm and shoulder in which I have had early stages Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in 2005-2006 has slowly gone from stiff to stinging again. I do have to admit I have been spending a lot of time behind the PC lately, writing this blog being only one of the many things I want to do online. As a result, I will have to limit my blog to two or three times a week – aiming to cover a photographer and an artist, as well as the Saturday update.

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