Saturday update: re-vamping the site

Hello again! My apologies for not being on the site as often as I’d like to be – the RSI is still bothering my arm and I’ve been using my time off to look into more wedding fayres, insurance, my end of year taxes, photographing on film and re-vamping the site (in progress). I know, I know – even THAT is sitting behind a PC but alas. I have little choice. Once I decide I need something changed, I will go ahead and do it! So please bear with me whilst I get my stuff sorted once again.

I have found a wedding Fayre in Wolverhampton at the Holiday Inn that wasn’t filled up to the brim with photographers. It’s a little out of the way but I’m sure it’ll be fiiiine. That will take place on the 5th of June. The day before that, you can find me in Solihull on the Allsort Art Fair, where I’ll be selling framed drawings and handprinted photographs. If you’d like to see me face-to-face a little closer to home (meaning: Leamington Spa), you can find me on the Vintage sale at the White Horse on the 16th of April!

I took photographs in Kenilworth this week – the weather AGAIN let me down by being horribly cloudy when I was hoping for some sunshine. As a result I decided not to go into the castle but just around it, seeing as Sean and myself will want to go the the Easter re-enactment event on the 25th of April, I’ll get a second chance at photographing the thing closer-up. This week was also the week that my darkroom printing came to a temporary end as the college where I do my work is having a holiday break for its students.  Now I’ve just to keep my fingers crossed that I get to come back after – or I’ll be forced to build a make-shift one in my house which I know for a fact won’t live up to any health and safety standards.

As the tax year came to an end for many businesses, it did for me as well. I’ve been digging through receipts (fun fun!) and updating my financial overview. For some of these I had to dig deep into old e-mails, but I found them and told myself sternly to be more organised in the next year to prevent unnecessary stress. With the end of the tax year came the end of my insurance. I had liability cover with Direct Line which was cheap and cheerful but seeing I plan to move firmly into the people photography market it was nowhere near adequate. After hunting around for an entire day (you read that correct – an ENTIRE DAY) and phoning several companies, I couldn’t help but go for Towergate Camerasure. It is by no defenition the cheapest, but at least I know I will be covered for Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and finally finally have my camera equipment covered. Besides that, they are specialists when it comes to Photographers and Videographers and can give you a tailored cover, depending on your needs. It’s helpful to know that they will give discounts for members of professional photo organisations or if you have seen them on any trade fair.

But the best thing about this week is that I’m getting to do some part-time on-and-off work with an Art Dealer from Warwick. He specialises in photography which he buys at auctions and then gets them restored, mounted and sold on. My job will be to photographs, catalogue and organise them before they go to another specialist in the line. I’m very excited about this as it leaves me with plenty of freedom to do everything I need to do for my own business and at the same time deepen my knowledge on a subject I am passionate about! I could not have asked for anything better.



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