Saturday update: Online and auction saleroom fun!

Hello everyone! This week has been busy busy busy but well fun at the same time. The weather has had it’s ups and down but for some reason I can only remember the sunshine! I started my part-time job, got my photographer insurance in place, went to see a friend, went to an auction viewing, attended the Vintage Sale at the White Horse, took Cairine to the Leamington Auction house (she’s just moved to Leamington and never been to an auction) and sent lots of messages out to organise a shoot for the upcoming week.

On Monday, I started my little part-time job with my local art dealer – I helped him prepare a number of photographs from a Detroit newspaper archive to be sorted and photographed, before some would be mounted and sent on. Some of the images were truly remarkable, at least to my novice eyes. Stunning images covering the Vietnam protests, The D-Day landing of the Second World War, the African American Civil rights movements, Martin Luther King and Mohammed Ali. Other images in an album were original prints from the Crimean War around the 1860s – wonderful to behold but oh so fragile. On the Friday I joined him and a fellow named Tony to the Bonham sale room in Oxford to view a number of the lots that would come up on the Tuesday and to the saleroom in Oxford City Centre to view a couple more. Fingers crossed I get to come to a sale soon and more fingers crossed I can stop myself from bidding on any of the great items listed….

On the Tuesday I met up with my friend and fellow photographer Wayne Hudson, who – in his wackyness – bought his fiancée a duck for her birthday. Yes, you read that correct – a DUCK!  Its quite a funny little fellow actually. They keep it outside, at the back of his house where it’s got its own little shelter and it gets free reign over the back garden during the day. It’s a non-flying species of duck, so there is little chance of it getting away over the fence at least. In a couple of weeks they hope to add two ladies to the family and get a constant supply of fresh eggs. I have to say, after seeing this little guy (now named Pancakes) I fancy getting ducks! Damn you Wayne!!

Apart from that, the Daily Mail ran a story on Katrina Darling that went all over the world. It blatantly violated the rights of four photographers, one of them my friend Vicky Tuff who I MUST have mentioned before, even though the story itself was not that bad. As the news spread around the globe, some of my photographs ended up sold, others stolen. I read up on some copyright laws which helped in composing the message to get it removed from one big USA blog, but it seems I will now just have to sit down and get in touch with most if not all of the blogs and publications in order to get to images removed or to receive compensation for usage. Frankly, I don’t really feel like putting a lot of time and energy into a story that’s nearly yesterday’s news but it seems I don’t really have a choice – I can’t just let them get away with this. *sigh*

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