Saturday Update: Home and Leamington Art Trail

This Saturday there is very little news so I’ll keep it brief for once. I rented a car last week which I used to get to the Twycross Zoo for the pre-wedding meet-up with Ben and Penny who are getting married in September this year. I managed to find the location perfectly fine  (I was a little nervous about that I’ll have you know) and the zoo looks like a nice place to photograph a happy occasion.

On the bank holiday Monday I took Sean, Andy and Cairine to Kenilworth Castle where we went to see the re-enactment show. Once again it was a lovely day with lots of sunshine, which was perfect for a picnic and some armour-clad combat, not by us fortunately!

The rest of the week had been pretty uneventful. I have written to several blogs and news sites who used images of Katrina Darling that I took and have the copyrights to, without seeking any form of permission to do so. They even left the copyright marks in the images! I am requesting them to remove my images from their site and/ or compensate me for usage which I think is only fair – now to see how they will respond – if they respond at all!

Sean had an unexpected number of days off work – we went into Warwick on the Wednesday where we finally got to visit the Golden Monkey Tea Company shop in Smith Street who carry a wonderful range of loose teas and Japanese teawares. Definitely worth a visit but remember: they are closed on Sundays.

I did very little on the Thursday and Friday but prepare for this Saturday’s Leamington Art trail, which was part of Leamington Live. The stall we unexpectedly had to hire (we were told before that taking part would be free of charge) was nice and well set up, but the brisk breeze made proper display near impossible. Overall the weather was nice, there were a few people out and about although it never got busy and I managed… to make a loss! People in Leamington must just not like what I make! Oh well, another chance at the Solihull Allsorts in June….

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