Sydney snaps

When browsing through my portable hard drive to find the files to create back-ups of, I came across some images of Sydney I hadn’t yet shared. In the few weeks we were able to enjoy Australia, I became a lot more active as a photographer, but the slow arrival of our entire household from the UK made it necessary for me to develop all shot images in one big batch. The obvious consequence being that whilst all images got scanned, only half got posted and so I owe you a few beauties me thinks.

Hanimex Electra II


These images were all taken on a Hanimex Electra II, a weird little instant camera which I picked up cheap at a local auction house in a deceased estate camera lot, and shot on Rollei 400s 35mm film.

Development in RO9 (Rodinal one-shot) 1+ 25, scanned using Canoscan 9000f.




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