Germany: Cologne

Good monday everyone! I hope everyone’s had a brilliant weekend – maybe some of you even managed to go see the UNSEEN Photo Fair in Amsterdam? As I had borrowed my mum’s car for the weekend to bring a pile of stuff to Germany (I want to start on alternative printing) Sean and I planned to go visit a castle.

When we hit the road on Sunday we never anticipated traffic being as bad as it was. After being stuck in traffic for about an hour, we gave up and went into Cologne instead. The cathedral had been on my to-see list for a while now so this provided us with a good oppertunity. And I was not disappointed!

Such a magnificent historical place – even though the ‘Smuck Madonna’ would not normally have caught my eye, or the ‘pixelated’ glass stained window that seemed to have been spat out by a computer (Window of the South Transept, by Gerhard Richter)- the classic ceiling structure and mozaik flooring were beautiful, and the light was magnificent.

Should you want to visit the Cologne Cathedral, it’s located right next to Cologne central station, and the admission is free. There are guided tours pretty much every day, and for an additional fee you can visit the treasury or climb the tower. There are a few hotels and cafe’s around the Cathedral, offering seating outside and brilliant views on this grand structure.


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