What a wonderful (online) world

On this Monday, I find myself behind my shoddy little half-broken laptop updating my blog. I am currently trying to convince my hosting server to open up a database file – so I can attempt to install WordPress properly and start updating my work to date. My website www.yvettebessels.com had been built by myself and looks exactly like that…. unfortunately. As far as it stand it does not function on phones and 1 gallery is still broken.

That just won’t do now will it?

In this last week I’ve been gathering some more information about the art world in the Midlands and UK in general and it might be useful to post some of my finds in this and future blogs. After all, some of this information is not that hard to come by, but it takes quite a lot of time for one person to gather it all!

In a search for various WordPress blog sites I’ve come across Lisa Bettany’s blog in which she writes about her life and experiences as a person and professional photographer.  It is great to find someone sharing their experiences and useful tips, and remains really supportive to the (starting) photographing community. Speaking of sharing tips, anyone that hasn’t heard of the Strobist blog must’ve been hiding out in a cave! The full-fledged amateur-to-pro instruction on various ways to make the best out of your off-camera flashes has been a popular site amongst photographers for some years now.

On the art side of things, I’ve found the monthly email I receive by Emerge (the creative industries Ezine) very useful indeed. I’ve signed up to the newsletter via ICE (Institute for Creative Enterprise) and it contains invitations to network meetings, updates on training sessions, useful links and artist opportunities.

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