Saturday update: Reading and Drawing

This week just seemed to fly by as I have now fully come to realise I only have one more week to go before the Cov: Art fair, spring Edition 2011. Like I said last week (and will say again in the next) come find me at the Canal Basin in Coventry on Sunday the 27th of March! I have been busy preparing for the fair, making postcards and drawings which will be for sale.

I’ve taken a slightly different approach to my drawings as well as I still had a 150+ year old book on church history lying about, which I bought as a library write-off somewhere last year. Good thing about this book is not the content which is very very dry and very very dull –  I studied religions, so I should be at least slightly interested – but the cover (a beautiful red leather) and the slightly yellowed pages in fine print. I am currently using the pages for two projects: I use it ripped,  bleached and soaked to make ‘eyes’ from paper mache and the other is for drawing Victorian portraits on.

To the right one of the drawings – they measure roughly between 5 by 10cm and 10 by 18 cm. You can see all of them on my drawings page.

The paper eyes I intend to use are not quite finished as I need to make roughly 100 half-circles which takes hours and hours to complete. After that I still have some more work on them to put them together, finish them, attach them in the way I intend to photograph them, develop and print the images….. you get the idea.

This week’s books have been the last remaining chapters on Debating matters – ART; What is it good for, which I mentioned two weeks ago and a wonderful and highly recommended work by Richard Weisengrau which is called “Publishing Photography; Marketing Images, making money”. I don’t normally go for books with this sort of ‘hello mr/ mrs amateur – I will tell you the short-cut secret to succes if you just buy this books and line my pockets with some of your money’ kinda title but it turned out to be really useful! It breakes apart the different segments of the photography industry, the pros and cons, and lays out various paths that one can take. It shares some information on licensing and pricing and gives you places where you can go and look for additional info.  The only downside I can find to the book is that it is written by an American author and therefor much of the information will be better suited for those living in the States. But hey – it has been a good read and a nice step up into my research!

I’ve also been looking into art funding recently but all I have so far is a huge pile of names, website addresses and notes to look into so I still can’t give anyone useful comments in this area. Sorry about that…… The A-N Magazine I found in the Art funding workshop bag looked really promising as a subscription is only 36 pounds (34 if you set up a Direct Debit) and includes artist liability insurunce which covers up to 5m pounds! That’s less than what I currently pay for my insurance!

So there you have it – lots to do and less time to do it in. Will I make everything in time for the art fair? I do think so – lets just hope the weather will be as bright and sunny as it was today. In the upcoming week I need to do some painting and drawing, change the paintings I have up at the White Horse, figure out how to present my stuff at the art fair and keep it dry in case it does rain, read more on art funding, plan a meetup with Maria Rankin, plan a photoshoot with Sam Kapral and no doubt get a little lonely in the house as Sean is doing major overtime… *sigh*


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