Collodion Forum

One of my personal favorites as it contains a lot of information specifically about the wet plate process and includes user galleries, troubleshooting pages, experimental pages, recipes and much much more.

Large Format Photography Forum

“The purpose of the forum is to provide a place for discussion of topics of particular interest to large format photographers. We especially encourage questions which will help build a repository of knowledge about the tools and techniques of large format photography, as opposed to “shopping” questions. For the purposes of this forum, we define “large format” as being essentially 4×5, or larger, sheet film. We do, however, allow what would otherwise be considered “medium format” sizes, IF exposed in a view camera (e.g. with a roll-film adapter), technical, or old-style press camera (e.g. the various Graphic cameras).”

The Anologue Photography Users Group (APUG)

“APUG.ORG is an international community of like minded individuals devoted to traditional (non-digital) photographic processes. We are an active photographic community; our forums contain a highly detailed archive of traditional and historic photographic processes.”

John Coffer

One of the current masters of the wet collodion process, John’s website offers information on his tin typing workshops and the process in general including chemical recipes.

John Brewer

One of the current practitioners of the wet collodion process, John offers workshops and equipment for sale

Scully and Osterman Studio

“Mark Osterman and France Scully Osterman established Scully & Osterman in 1991. Through extensive primary research and practical application, the Ostermans have evolved as historians and modern masters of a wide variety of historic (alternative) photography, most notably, the wet-plate collodion process. Located in Rochester, NY, Mark Osterman is Photographic Process Historian at George Eastman House International Museum of Photography & Film. Mark’s unique series of workshops chronicling the evolution of photography are now open to the public. These workshops tap the extensive resources of the Eastman House collection, including period publications, inspection of vintage masterworks and equipment from the archives. France Scully Osterman is an artist and educator. She and works and teaches in their skylight studio, and gives lectures and workshops at universities and museums in the U.S. and internationally.”

Albumen Conservation

“Presenting the art and science of albumen printing, this site brings together 19th Century technical instruction, contemporary research, an online forum for conservation treatment and a wealth of images. This unique resource is dedicated to those who value the application of technology to the creative process of image making.”

Artcraft Chemicals

American based company selling alternative photography supplies incl. raw chemicals in any quantity.

Bostick & Sullivan

American based company selling alternative photography supplies including chemicals, books, papers, plates, plate holders, cameras etc. International shipping is available, at a hefty surplus for any dangerous chemicals as they’ll have to ship with FedEx Hazmat.

Lund Photographics

“Whether you’re looking for customized equipment, or standard darkroom products, we can help. We operate a complete metal/plastics/wood shop capable of handling whatever your imagination can come up with, from brass or wooden lens boards for your camera, to customized film holders, lens stops, and other equipment for wet plate work.”

Star Camera Company

Creators of cameras (up to Mammoth Plate), Tripods, Custom Plate holders, Acrylic baths and dippers, developer trays and Plate racks.

Alternative Photography : A How-to on Ambrotypes

This very clear tutorial comes with well-written text and images with every step.

Alternative Photography : Wet-plate shooting on a Polaroid Camera

How to convert a Polaroid film pack to take wet plate, how to use an enlarger and how to use digital images to create ambrotypes. Includes images and examples.

Journal of Photography and Motion Pictures of the international Museum of Photography at George Eastman House

The Preservation and restoration of glass plate negatives – pages 8-9

George Eastman house: Notes on Collodion

Notes on Collodion: variant images and historical development